I hear that wearing green will make you invisible to leprechauns so you can avoid being pinched. Some say it will bring you good luck. But did you know that even beyond March and St. Patrick’s Day, green is often used for interior decorating for its calming effect? You’ve likely heard about television guests waiting in the ‘green room’ to relax. It’s also been increasingly recognized that forests and outdoor green spaces alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety while providing health benefits like lowering blood pressure and mental well-being.

Mesquite branch with green leaves


当然,大多数植物是绿色的禁止few colorful outliers like purple-leaf plum. While we often select plants in our landscape for their seasonal color, or for flowers that attract butterflies or pollinators, you may find great value in a plant for its year-round green presence (and ha-ha, no, I hear you grass lawn fans, I’m talking functional, low-water use plants for your Xeriscape).

首先,我不得不说,我期待着每年春天最喜欢的蔬菜之一 - 实际上,通常是在3月底到3月底 - 是豆科灌木树上叶子的新绿色生长。但是,这是我最喜欢的一些植物的清单,这些植物最著名地炫耀自己的“绿色”,而不是花朵,水果或秋天的颜色。

Mangle Dulce Translates to Sweet Mangroves

Maytenus PhyllanthoidesorMangle Dulceis one of my favorites. It’s an evergreen, mounding shrub that will grow to about 4’ tall and 3’ wide, though it can get larger. The oval, bright green leaves are thick and leathery – it actually resembles aJojobabut with green instead of gray-green leaves. It will take full sun with no problem but also does well in part shade. If you’ve never heard of it, you’re not alone. This shrub is likely not super popular because it grows slowly. But that also means that it is low litter and easy maintenance. Other valuable qualities about this plant are that it has no thorns, is highly salt-tolerant – think poolside planting, and would provide great shelter for birds and butterflies for a wildlife-friendly landscape.

麦格尔·杜尔斯(Magle Dulce)

Mangle Dulce makes a great background or screening plant.

Mangle Dulce绿叶

Mangle Dulce leaves are thick and leathery.

Grape Ivy

Grape Ivy does die back in winter, but leafs out quickly in spring.


Cissus trifoliataorGrape Ivy是一个有吸引力的观赏植物的藤蔓可以惊呼不已0feet in height and self-attaches with small tendrils. This vine has fleshy, dark green three-lobed leaves. This is a great plant for vertical spaces like a bare wall with a trellis, but it can also be used as a ground cover when allowed to scramble over rocks and boulders. It is adapted to low light but will grow more vigorously with up to full sun – just not in super-hot, reflected sun areas. It is frost tender so will lose its leaves in winter but will leaf out quickly from the main stems in the spring.

蓝色欣快for Shades of Green

Euphorbia rigidaor蓝色欣快是一个常绿的,类似肉质的多年生植物,在2'高和3'宽的低土丘中生长。虽然我承认,叶子具有独特的沙漠灰蓝色,但在冬季至冬季冬季至春天,夏纹花花簇(片)的分支尖端将其放在我的“绿色”清单上。实际上,我发现了该植物的描述,该植物“在纹理上和色度上具有令人信服”。

在夏季切割旧花茎时,请谨慎,因为乳汁会引起皮肤或眼睛刺激。这是一个很棒的标本植物,但在景观甚至容器中也可以很好地工作。它原产于地中海,很容易护理,甚至众所周知,它可以驱除地鼠和其他啮齿动物 - 因此,另一个普通名称是Gopher Plant。

Blue Euphobia shades of green

蓝色欣快is easy care. Upper right photo shows a closeup of flowers.







1。黄兰花Vine((Callaeum macropterumakaMaccagnia大翅目): I must be smitten by the color chartreuse, as that is where this vine shines. It actually has showy yellow flowers, but it’s the winged papery seed pods that follow that bring in that lovely fresh green color.

2。帕洛佛得角((Parkinsoniaspp akaspp): It’s our state tree after all, the common name translates to ‘green stick’, and its green bark provides one of its most functional desert plant adaptations. During drought or dry conditions, the palo verde can sacrifice its leaves by dropping them and still photosynthesize (make its own food) from the bark. How unique and amazing is that?

Did you know that up to 70% of water use is outdoors?这就是为什么我们每个月都喜欢沙漠植物并将其特色。了解我们的更多信息Arizona Low-Water-Use Plants页。访问我们的页面Choosing and Planting Low Water-Use Plantsfor tips on plant selection and how to plant properly. Also, be sure to read through all of our featuredPlant of the Month blogs

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